Sore breasts, a little fatigued and maybe even nausea? Many people begin to sense pregnancy symptoms as early as a few days after ovulation. Read more about the early symptoms here:Am I pregnant? The first early signs of pregnancy – Gravidtid For some it is due to pregnancy, while for others it may be more due to a burning desire for pregnancy and a great deal of impatience to get an answer as to whether one may have finally become pregnant. A pregnancy test will measure your HCG level and if it has increased significantly, the test will be positive, and you can call yourself pregnant. 

HCG rises

All women have a little HCG in the body, but at fertilization, the level of the pregnancy hormone will increase once the fertilized egg has settled in the uterus, as it is essential for the fetus not to be rejected. Normally, HCG levels will double every other day, and 14 days after ovulation, a standard pregnancy test that can measure HCG from 25 IU / ml can reliably measure whether you are pregnant or not. 

When can you get tested for pregnancy at the earliest? 

Not everyone can wait until 14 days after ovulation to test after pregnancy. Therefore, there are today particularly sensitive pregnancy tests, which will be positive as early as one week after ovulation. See our early pregnancy tests here: Tidlige Graviditetstests – Gravidtid . If you want to test for pregnancy before you should have had your period, it is recommended to do the pregnancy test on morning urine, which is more concentrated. However, it is different how fast HCG levels rise, and therefore do not lose faith if the test is negative before you should have had your period. Since HCG levels rise so fast in the early stages of pregnancy, you can easily do a positive pregnancy test the day after you made a negative one, so do not lose hope. Do another test the day after or wait a few days. 

Disadvantages of early testing

About half of all very early pregnancies ends without a result. This also means that you run the risk of being upset after finding out that you were pregnant and then getting your period anyway. You would probably not have discovered the early biochemical abortion if you had waited to test until the expected day of menstruation.

Advantages of early testing

If, for example, you are going to a big party or are taking medication that can be harmful to the fetus, it can be an advantage to know about the pregnancy early, so that you avoid/alcohol/diet/medication that can harm the pregnancy.

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