A pregnancy test has two antibodylines. One is the control line, which turns color when dipped in urine. If the control line appears with color, you also know that your test is working as it should. The second line is called the test line, and this line only gets colored if your urine contains the amount of hCG that your pregnancy test is sensitive to. 

However, some tests may leave a faint line or the hint of a line, even if you are not or have recently been pregnant. This can happen when the urine flows through the pregnancy test, leaving a faint shadow line on the antibody line with no color. 

This line can unfortunately be mistaken for a positive test on all pregnancy tests, except for the digital pregnancy tests, which give a clear answer. See our digital pregnancy tests here. We have Denmark's cheapest: Alle produkter – Tagged "Digital pregnancy tests" – Gravidtid

Weak line on pregnancy test 

A line is a line, and if your testis positive - i.e. if a colored line appears on the pregnancy test's test line within time - then you are pregnant. If your pregnancy test is weakly positive or there is only a hint of a line, don't worry. If there is color in the testline and it comes within the stated time, the test is positive. In a normal pregnancy, the pregnancy hormone hCG will, as a rule of thumb, double every 2-3 weeks. Your weakly positive pregnancy test should therefore be clearer after a few days. If the test line continues to be weakly positive for many days, it may be a sign of a biochemical miscarriage. In other words, an abortion that occurs during the period when pregnancy can only be detected with a pregnancy test or a blood test, but where it is too early for a scan to see the fetus. A weakly positive pregnancy test that does not develop after several days can also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Contact the doctor if your pregnancy test does not develop within several days. 

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