Once you have chosen your pregnancy test. Read our guide to pregnancy tests here: Guide to choosing a pregnancy test – Gravidtid then the next step emerges; namely, to take the actual test and read the results correctly. 

At first glance, it sounds easy, and it really is. A Danish user manual for our pregnancy tests is always included, and it is simple and straightforward to take a pregnancy test. But still, many people experience standing and turning and turning their test in different light, putting filters on the phone, etc., etc., because perhaps a line can be sensed and thus a positive test. Here's a guide that should help a little.

Positive test

A positive pregnancy test shows a line in the test field (T). The line does not have to be as clear as in the control field (C) The line can easily be weak, positive, but if it has color, then the test is also positive. If you need to have the weak positive test confirmed, you can test again a few days later. Here, there should preferably be a development in the color of the test line so that it has become clearer.

Negative test

If only one line appears in the control field (C) and the test field is completely white, then the test is negative. If you have tested early, then there is still a chance for a positive pregnancy test. It is also different how quickly pregnant women produce hcg. Read more about it here: How pregnancy tests work - and when can you test for pregnancy? – Gravidtid  And therefore, you can get a positive pregnancy test after a few days or already the day after.