To get pregnant, it requires having sex when the woman is ovulating. Therefore, it can make verygood sense to get to know her cycle well - and not least to know when the womanis ovulating - when to start - or is in the process - trying to make a baby (or on the contrary would like to avoid it and do not use contraception)

In short, the woman's temperature rises 0.2 and up to 0.5 degree a day after ovulation due to the hormone progesterone and remains at this level in the latter part of the cycle until menstruation begins and the woman's cycle starts all over again. This means that if you measure your temperature every day, then you know whenyou have ovulated, and in this way you can both become wiser about your cycle and become wiser about whether it is regular. Knowledge that can be of great importance when trying to conceive. Therefore, the temperature method can also be a good preparation for a few months before starting to make a baby. 

How is it done?

First, it is important to have a digital thermometer with two decimals that measures accurately. To keep track of the numbers and see a pattern with ovulation, it is a good idea to have an app that can work with the temperature method or alternatively just a calendar. There you can enter your temperature, just as you can write when the woman is menstruating and when it ends. All this information will after a few months give a good picture of the woman's cycle.

Every morning, the woman should take her temperature when she has woken up after at least five hours of continuous sleep and before getting out of bed. It is important to use the same thermometer, and then the temperature should be measured at the same time every day as far as possible. A good rule of thumb is to say that when three consecutive temperatures have been recorded, all of which are higher than the average of the last six days' temperature, then one can expect ovulation to have occurred.

As you become wiser about your cycle and ovulation, it also becomes possible to know when you are in your fertile period. Be sure to have sex every other day during this period if there is a desire for pregnancy.

If you want to be sure when you are ovulating, the method can be combined with an ovulation test or you can just use an ovulation test to get a safe answer. Read more about the use of ovulation tests here: How to test for ovulation? – Gravidtid

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