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SwimCount Sperm Quality Test + SwimCount dietary supplement. 60 tablets

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    Information om SwimCount Sperm Quality Test + SwimCount dietary supplement. 60 tablets


    SwimCount Sperm Quality Test. Collection cup. A syringe used to add 0.5 ml of semen sample to the test, and an instruction manual.

    SwimCount SpermCare dietary supplement. Contains 60 tablets - enough for 30 days.

    Fordele ved SwimCount Sperm Quality Test + SwimCount dietary supplement. 60 tablets

    SwimCount Sperm Quality Test

    The test is 96% accurate compared to a semen sample analyzed by a fertility doctor under a microscope.

    An easy home test that serves as an alternative to the initial visit to the doctor.

    SwimCount™ is the only home test capable of measuring the concentration of progressive motile sperm, which are the only sperm cells capable of reaching and fertilizing an egg. SwimCount™ does not merely measure the total number of sperm cells (quantity) in your semen sample, which consists of various types of sperm cells. It separates the "good and usable" from the "bad" ones, providing you with a valid and qualitative assessment of your fertility potential.

    Get an answer on whether the sperm quality is normal or low within 30 minutes.

    Produced in Denmark and approved for sale worldwide.

    SwimCount SpermCare Dietary Supplement

    Danish-produced dietary supplement for men.
    Developed by fertility specialists.
    Approved for sale in Europe and the USA.
    Contains Selenium, Zinc, and Q10, all of which contribute to normal sperm production in men.

    Sådan bruger du SwimCount Sperm Quality Test + SwimCount dietary supplement. 60 tablets

    SwimCount Sperm Quality Test

    Read the instruction manual.

    Take the test out of the packaging.

    Produce your semen sample in the semen cup and let it sit for 30 minutes.

    After 30 minutes, stir the semen sample 10 times with the syringe.

    Draw up 0.5 ml into the syringe.

    Place the test unit on a flat surface and add the semen sample to the filling chamber marked with 1.

    Push the slide handle forward until you hear a click.

    Wait for 30 minutes.

    Then pull the slide handle back until you hear a click.

    Read the result in the test window. Compare the color of the result with the table in the instruction manual and get an answer about the quality of your semen.

    There are two chambers in the device, and only the progressive motile sperm can swim from chamber 1 to chamber 2. The progressive motile sperm are stained with a dye in chamber 2 and produce color in the result window. The more progressive motile sperm in the semen sample, the darker the color becomes.

    SwimCount SpermCare Dietary Supplement

    Take 2 tablets daily with a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

    For men over 18 years old.

    Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet.

    Store in a dry place at room temperature.

    Keep out of reach of small children.

    Although SwimCount™ SpermCare can help provide the nutrients that contribute to the normal formation of sperm cells, existing health problems and your lifestyle can also affect your sperm quality. Consult your doctor if you are unsure about your sperm quality.

    SwimCount™ SpermCare is developed and produced in Denmark by MotilityCount ApS.


    L-ascorbic acid, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, fillers (microcrystalline cellulose, cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), Aronia extract (aronia melanocarpa Sparch.), lycopene, selenium-enriched yeast, anti-caking agents (talc, magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide), Coenzyme Q10, cyanocobalamin, cholecalciferol, zinc oxide, retinyl acetate, coating agent (shellac, ethyl cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polysorbate 80, glycerol), pteroylmonoglutamic acid.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Her finder du vores FAQ om SwimCount Sperm Quality Test + SwimCount dietary supplement. 60 tablets

    SwimCount works by measuring the number of sperm cells that can swim, specifically the progressive motile sperm cells. SwimCount is based on a completely new and patented technology invented by the Danish company MotilityCount ApS. There are three chambers in the device. Only the progressive motile sperm cells can swim from Chamber 1 (Sample Chamber) to Chamber 2 (Separation Chamber). The progressive motile sperm cells are colored with a dye in Chamber 2, which produces the color in Chamber 3 (Detection and Result Window). The more progressive motile sperm cells in the semen sample, the darker the color in the detection and result window. Produce a semen sample in the provided semen cup. Add the semen sample to the SwimCount™ Test using the provided pipette. After 30 minutes, you can see in the result window whether your sperm quality is above or below the WHO threshold for low/good sperm quality (5 million progressive motile sperm cells per milliliter). SwimCount™ is 95% accurate (referred to as Accuracy Rate) compared to the result a fertility doctor would measure by analyzing your semen sample under a microscope. If the result in SwimCount™ indicates low sperm quality, you should contact your doctor for further testing
    Yes, the following can interfere with the result: Taking the test too soon after your last ejaculation (should be at least 2 days but not more than 5 days) to achieve the best sperm quality. Not collecting exactly 0.5 ml of semen sample in the syringe. Failing to keep the device stable on a horizontal surface throughout the test. Having bubbles in the semen sample when it is injected into the device. Shaking the device.
    SwimCount™ has an accuracy of 95%. SwimCount™ has a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 91%. This means that if the test shows that your sperm has more than 5 million progressive motile sperm cells per ml, it is 96% likely that the test result is correct. If the test shows that your sperm has less than 5 million progressive motile sperm cells per ml, then it is 91% likely that the result is correct.
    1: Quit smoking if you smoke. Smoking increases DNA damage in sperm cells, and heavy smokers have a 50% lower chance of getting their partner pregnant. 2: Exercise regularly. Exercise activates the body's antioxidants and helps counteract DNA damage in sperm cells. 3: Lose weight if you are overweight. Obesity can affect sperm production and reduce sperm quality in men. Additionally, being overweight also poses a greater risk of the man's sperm cells getting too much heat because his testicles are squeezed between the thighs. Heat also increases the risk of DNA damage. 4: Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol increases the risk of DNA damage and affects the quantity of sperm cells. If a man stops drinking alcohol or significantly reduces his intake, the results can be measured after three months. A Danish study with over 1000 young men showed that sperm quality deteriorates with 5 weekly units of alcohol. If the man consumed over 25 units per week, sperm quality was greatly reduced. Furthermore, alcohol can also cause impotence and decreased libido. 5: Use dietary supplements.
    As soon as you and your partner decide that you want to conceive, we recommend starting to take SwimCount™ SpermCare. It can be advantageous to start taking it 3 months prior to the desired conception, as sperm production takes approximately 3 months.
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