Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

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    Information om Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

    Content: 5 pcs. Valmed Pregnancy Test Strips along with instructions for use.

    Reliable test with a secure result in just 3 minutes. Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip is hygienic and easy to use with an accuracy of over 99.7%.

    The pregnancy test is easy to read, so you can avoid uncertainty about the result. Sensitivity 25 mIU/ml hCG.

    Valmed's pregnancy tests are among Denmark's best-selling and highest-rated pregnancy tests.

    Fordele ved Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

    Be sure of your result. Precision of 99.8%.

    Valmed has been in the Danish market since 2005.

    Bestseller in Denmark.

    Clear result after 3 minutes.

    Easy-to-understand instructions in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

    Sådan bruger du Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

    You can choose to urinate in a clean cup and dip the test in it, or you can choose to urinate directly on the pregnancy test if you prefer.

    After 3 minutes, the test will give you an answer if your hCG level is elevated, indicating that you are pregnant.

    The test is positive if two lines appear, even if the test line is fainter than the control line.

    If you wish to test before your expected menstruation, it is recommended to test with your first-morning urine as it is more concentrated. However, please note that the speed at which hCG levels rise can vary. You can choose to buy a pack with multiple tests if you want to continue testing in the upcoming days leading to your expected menstrual date.

    Read the instructions carefully.

    Take the test out of the sealed pouch. Place it under the urine stream or dip it in a urine sample for 5-10 seconds.

    Place the pregnancy test on a flat surface with the test window facing upward.

    Wait for 3 minutes.

    Read a clear and distinct answer about whether you are pregnant.

    Two lines mean you are pregnant. One line means the test is negative.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Her finder du vores FAQ om Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

    Pregnancy tests are designed to react to the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone increases if a fertilized egg implants in a woman's uterus. Therefore, an elevated hCG level in a woman's urine indicates that she is pregnant. Pregnancy tests have two antibody lines. One is the control line, which turns color when dipped in urine. If the control line appears with color, it indicates that the test is functioning correctly. The second line is called the test line, and this line only turns color if your urine contains the amount of hCG hormone that the pregnancy test is sensitive to. See an example of a positive Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip in the product images.
    Pregnancy tests today are of such high quality that they are more than 99% reliable and accurate from the day of the expected menstrual period. However, it is possible to be pregnant even if your pregnancy test is negative. This is especially true if you test before the expected day of menstruation.
    The reliability of early and standard pregnancy tests today is so high that it is extremely rare for them to give a false positive result. If your test is positive, meaning if a colored line appears on the test line of the pregnancy test within the specified time frame, then you are pregnant. However, some individuals may still experience menstrual bleeding on or a few days after their expected menstruation, leading them to think that the pregnancy test was a false positive. In most cases, this can be attributed to a biochemical miscarriage, which occurs between weeks 3 and 5 of pregnancy. During this period, a pregnancy can only be detected through a pregnancy test or a blood test, and a fetal heartbeat would not yet be visible on an ultrasound scan. Nevertheless, if a colored line appears within the specified time frame stated in the instructions, it indicates an elevated hCG level, meaning that you are - or were - pregnant. Please note that there are medications, such as Ovitrelle, that can cause an increase in hCG levels without being pregnant.
    hCG starts to rise when the fertilized egg implants itself 5-10 days after fertilization by a sperm cell and begins to divide. The level of the pregnancy hormone hCG then increases rapidly and doubles every three days in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Clinical tests have shown that 99% of all pregnant women can test positive on a standard pregnancy test on the day of the expected menstrual period.
    Yes, it is possible to be pregnant even if the pregnancy test is negative. This is especially true if you test before the expected day of menstruation. The time it takes for a fertilized egg to reach the uterine cavity can vary greatly, ranging from one day to one week. Since the production of the pregnancy hormone hCG begins when the egg implants in the uterus, some individuals may have a positive pregnancy test a week before the expected period, while others may have a positive test a few days after the expected menstrual day.
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    Valmed Pregnancy Test Strip 5 pcs.

    44,95 DKK 39,95 DKK