All pregnancy tests work in the same way. They all measure the level of HumanChorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the body. The hormone rises and doubles every three days when an egg is fertilized and has set. A positive pregnancy test therefore means that you are pregnant. All the tests that can be purchased at are more than 99% safe and are all CE-approved, which means that they are approved for sale in Europe. 

Early pregnancy test 

The most sensitive pregnancy tests will be positive already when your HCG levelreaches 10 ml / IU and some a little before that. For many, the wait from ovulation to the first day of the next menstrual period is infinitely long, and here it can be nice to get answers as quickly as possible. However, it should be emphasized that most pregnancy tests only become positive at 25 mIU / ml, as many pregnancies fails in early stages. 

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Types of pregnancy tests

At we sell three different kinds of pregnancy tests; Strip tests, stick sand digital pregnancy tests. 

Strip tests

The strip test is the cheapest type of pregnancy test. The precision is just as high as with the more expensive tests, but the test is produced cheaper without a plastic seal, which increases the risk a little that the test gets too wet and can give an illegible result. However, there is a line on the test which shows to which a maximum of liquid may be added. The urine is collected in a cup or beaker, into which the test is immersed for about 10 seconds. You can also choose to urinate directly on the test. After a few minutes, there is an exact result, get an exact time indication in the test user manual)). However, most positive tests can already be seen after a few minutes. See our large selection of ovulation test strips here: Alle produkter – Tagged "Strip" – Gravidtid

Pregnancy Sticks

The pregnancy test stick is a little more expensive than the strip because there is a protective plastic seal around the test, which helps prevent errors such as too much liquid on the test. In addition, it can also be easier to read. With a pregnancy test shaped like a stick, you can both collect the urine from a cup or a cup, but you can also choose to simply pee on the stick and read the result within a few minutes (get an exact time indication in the test's instructions for use). See our pregnancy test sticks here: Alle produkter – Tagged "Stick" – Gravidtid

Digital test

The digital pregnancy test is the most expensive pregnancy test because it contains a more advanced technology. With digital pregnancy tests, you can either collect the urine from a cup or choose to urinate on the stick. The advantage of the digital pregnancy tests is that you are not in doubt about the answer to the test. Once the digital pregnancy test has analyzed the urine, a clear result will appear on the display, and you will get a clear answer as to whether you are pregnant or not. 

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