Many -especially women - may find that increasing age and declining fertility combined with not being ready, or challenges with finding a partner, can be extremely stressful. What if, pregnancy is not reached? 

Therefore, freezing the woman's eggs may be an option that may well decreases the pressure for many. In the public - and thus free - system, however, it is not legal todo what is called social freezing. That is, freezing the woman's eggs to later use them when you have a desire to get pregnant unless there are medical reasons to do so. Today it is only free and an option if you are in danger of losing fertility due to illness or treatment of illness- for example, chemotherapy

Then what do you do?

If you have a desire to freeze your eggs, even if you do not belong to one of the two above groups, then there is the possibility of "social freezing" at private fertility clinics, where you pay for the treatment. Prices for "social freezing" start from approximately DKK 22.000 kroner for a cycle treatment. In addition, there will also be expenses for blood tests, medication and freeze storage. To find exact prices, we recommend that you look at the pricelists of the private fertility clinics. If you are a member of Sygesikringen Denmark, they provide a full or partial subsidy for the medicine.

The rules at the private fertility clinics in Denmark are, however, that the eggs must not be frozen in excess of 5 years before they are to be used, and women must not be over 46 years old when the egg or eggs are to be set up (read more about social freezing here : link article)

Freezing of eggs abroad

The time limit of 5 years when it comes to freezing eggs in Denmark is the reason why many women and couples choose to look abroad. In most European countries, there is not the same time limit on how long the eggs can stay frozen. In the UK, for example, it is 10 years, while Sweden has no limit at all. Economy can also play a role. In Sweden, for example, freezing unfertilized eggs saves you roughly 25%

Advantages and disadvantages of treatment abroad

There is no doubt that the rule that eggs must not be frozen for more than 5 years in Denmark, causes many to seek assistance in other countries. Some will see it as a great advantage that they themselves have greater flexibility in deciding when the eggs can be used. Economy can also play a role for some while other appreciates the extended experience of countries such as Italy and Spain who have been forerunners in terms of freezing eggs. You will also be able to find clinics with extensive experience and knowledge of social freezing in these countries.

At the same time, the Danish fertility clinics are also leaders in many areas when it comes to fertility treatment. For many, it is safe to be treated by Danish-speaking staff, just as it is logistically easier to receive treatment in a clinic close by. All in all, it is an individual decision. Most Danish and foreign clinics with the option of freezing eggs can be found on the Internet. The same goes for their prices and review of their treatment.

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