10-20% of all couples or singles experience a period of involuntary childlessness. In other words, you try to get pregnant in vain for more than 1-2 years without success.

The reasons can be many. In 1/3 of the cases the cause is found in the woman, in 1/3 of the cases it is found in the man, while the cause is found in both the man and the woman in the last third of the cases. With our sperm quality test from Danish Swimcount, you can get an answer to your or your partner's sperm quality in 30 minutes.

If it turns out that the sperm quality is not good, you can use the answer to choose to seek help from the doctor or the hospital.

How does SwimCount work?

Unlike other sperm quality tests on the market, the SwimCount Sperm Test also measures the quality of the man's sperm sample by measuring the number of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs). It does this because the PMSC is the only type of sperm cell that is able to swim and fertilize an egg. So it is the only type of sperm that can make a woman pregnant. If you look at other sperm tests on the market, these measure both the good and the bad sperm. This means that sperm, which would never be able to fertilize the woman's egg, are also counted, which can make it difficult to get an accurate answer to the sperm quality if there is a desire for pregnancy.

The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test measures your Progressive Motile Sperm. That is, the number of sperm that can swim.

There are two chambers in the device and only the progressive motile sperm can swim from chamber 1 to chamber 2. The progressive motile sperm cells are stained with a dye in chamber 2 and produce color, which means that the more progressive motile sperm cells there are in the semen sample, the darker the color becomes in the result window.

Here's how you do it:

Read the user manual 

Take the test out of the packaging

Produce your sperm sample in the semen cup and let the sperm sample stand for 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes, stir the semen sample 10 times with the syringe.

Extract 0.5 ml. into the syringe.

Place the test unit on a flat surface and add the semen sample into the filling chamber marked 1.

Push the slide handle forward until you hear a click.

Wait 30 minutes.

Then pull the trigger back until you hear a click.

Read the result in the test window. Compare the color of the result with the table in the instructions for use and get an answer on how the quality of your sperm looks.

Is the result "low"?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a man must have more than 5 million PMSCs/ml, if your sperm quality test shows that your result is low, it means that you or your partner had less than 5 million PMSCs/ml in this semen sample. This means that you may have difficulty getting a woman pregnant. However, remember that within 3 months you can significantly improve your sperm quality. You can read more about this here: What does the research say that men can do to increase sperm quality - Gravidtid 

If the result is "low", the test result is 91% certain compared to if the sperm sample had been examined in a hospital.

Is the result "normal"?

Then it means that there were more than 5 million PMSCs/ml in your semen sample, which according to the WHO means that the sperm quality is normal. You or your partner should therefore be able to make a woman pregnant naturally, if she does not have problems with her fertility.

However, be aware that if more than 12 months pass without the woman becoming pregnant, then you should see a doctor. If the woman is over 35, it is recommended to see a doctor after 6 months of trying to get pregnant without results. Read more about how the examination of men's fertility takes place in the public system here: How does the study of male fertility in the public system take place? – Gravidtid

If the result is "normal", the test result is 96% certain compared to a sperm sample that a fertility doctor will analyze under a microscope.

Buy SwimCount Sperm Quality Test here: SwimCount Sædkvalitetstest – Gravidtid