Every single day, women and couples wait, with beating hearts, for answers on the pregnancy test. Here, unfortunately, it is not at all abnormal for a single line to appear for several months. Every negative pregnancy test can feel like a big defeat because the hope of pregnancy can be almost overwhelming during this period. After a few months of trying without success, it is therefore not uncommon to have worries about whether something might be wrong and thoughts that it will probably never succeed. 

Month long waiting times 

It is normal that it can take up to a year to get pregnant. If a longer period of time passes and the woman is under 35 years of age, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority recommends that you contact your doctor. If the woman is over 35 years old, then the recommendation is to contact your doctor after 6-12months of trying. However, statistics say that 80-85% become pregnant within a year, while 60% succeed within 3 months of trying.

Even if you schedule sex in relation to ovulation:When should I have sex if I want to get pregnant? – Gravidtid and you have had a positive ovulation test:Ægløsningstests – Gravidtid it is unfortunately not certain that you will get pregnant right away. According to the National Board of Health, a woman of 25 years with normal fertility will have a 25% chance of pregnancy during a month of ovulation (link to article on when to have sex during ovulation) while the monthly chance of pregnancy of a 35-year-old, having sex during ovulation is at about 12.5%. The figures thus show that it is unfortunately completely normal that it takes time to get pregnant. Even if there is nothing wrong with either male or female fertility. 

When, despite a long wait, you still do not get pregnant

Unfortunately, many women and couples find that pregnancy is delayed, even though more than a year has passed. 15% of all couples who want children experience that they are infertile. This means that the woman still has not become pregnant after one year, or that they have lost three or more pregnancies before the embryos were viable. If you are infertile, then it is possible to receive free fertility treatment under public auspices in Denmark until the woman turns 41 years old. You can read more about this here: Which kind of assistance can I get if I don't get pregnant? – Gravidtid