There is no doubt that the disappointment can easily become great and overwhelming when you are faced with a negative pregnancy test. Remember that you are not alone. Even the most fertile 25-year-old women only have a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month, so it's normal that it doesn't just happen right away. 

False negative pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests today are so reliable that a positive pregnancy test means that there is more than 99% certainty that you are pregnant if you take it on the day of your expected period. But conversely, you may well be pregnant, even if your pregnancy test is negative. Especially if you have taken the test before your expected 1st day of menstruation.

There can be a big difference in how long it takes for a fertilized egg to reach the uterine cavity and attach itself. Both a day and a week are normal. But when you first start producing the pregnancy hormone HCG (which is also the hormone that causes a pregnancy test to be positive if you are pregnant) then there are some who can take a positive pregnancy test a week before the expected period, while others only have a positive test a few days after the expected day of menstruation. See our large selection of sensitive early pregnancy tests here: Tidlige Graviditetstests – Gravidtid

Hang in there

Firstly, hope is not lost if the test is taken early and if you have not yet had your period. Since the hCG level rises quickly at the beginning of pregnancy, you can easily do a positive pregnancy test the day after a negative one.

But the test can also just be negative because it is negative, and again – that is also completely normal and expected. It can feel unmanageable when the desire for pregnancy is great and all symptoms are present. But according to the statistics from, 60% of all young healthy couples will succeed in becoming pregnant within 3 months, while 80-85% will become pregnant within a year.

Negative test but missed period

If you don't get your period, but your pregnancy test is negative, then it may well be be causeyour fertilized egg took a long time to settle down and caused your body to produce hCG. In that case, you must wait a few days (yes, we know it's hard) and then test again. See our selection of pregnancy tests here: Graviditetstests – Gravidtid If your test is still negative and your period continues to be missing, you should contact your doctor.

Missing a period can also be due to stress or your desire to get pregnant is so strong that it affects the cycle. It can also be due to lack of sleep or medication and birth control pills

When is the right time to seek assistance? 

If it has been more than a year (6 months if you are over 38) that you have been actively trying tog et pregnant without success, you should see your doctor to get help to ge pregnant. Read more about your opportunities here: Which kind of assistance can I get if I don't get pregnant? – Gravidtid 5-10% of us have a fertility problem, and this will involve fertility treatment to significantly increase the chance of a positive pregnancy test.

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