For the vast majority, it is a very crucial moment when one has to read a pregnancy test perhaps after several days of impatient waiting. But for some, the crucial moment can still be confusing, because maybe there is a line? Or what if the pregnancy test suddenly looks positive if you look at it after half or full hour? We're trying to guide you here

Shadow streak or positive test?

Pregnancy tests have two antibody streaks. One is the control line, which gets color when dipped in urine. If the control line comes up with color, then you also know that your test works as it should. The second line is called the test line, and this line only gets color if your urine contains the amount that your pregnancy test is sensitive to.

However, some tests may leave a faint line or the hint of a line even if you are not or have not been recently pregnant. This can happen when the urine flows through the pregnancy test, leaving a faint shadow line on the antibody streak without color. Unfortunately, this line can be confused with a positive test on all pregnancy tests except digital pregnancy tests, which give a clear answer. See our digital pregnancy test here

Test becomes positive over time

When using a pregnancy test, it is very important that you read the instructions for use before and adhere to the time intervals stated. This also means that if you read the test later than the time period stated in the instructions for use, then the test may be slightly false positive. The reason is that the chemical reaction that takes place in the test can continue over time, and this can mean that there is a faint or completely clear line after time - or vice versa that the line continues completely. In some cases, a positive test after time taken very early in the cycle MAY be an early sign of pregnancy. But as a starting point, the test is negative over time, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to look at the test. Hold it out in outstretched arm and then throw it COMPLETELY away if you can not see a line. Then you can always test again after a few days.

False positive test

If your test is positive -that is, that a line with color appears on the pregnancy test's test line within time, then you are pregnant. But some still experience that they get menstruation on the day of menstruation or a few days after, and then it is easy to think that the pregnancy test was false positive. The vast majority of times it is due to biochemical abortion.

About half of all pregnancies end in an early abortion. This is because the fertilized egg has been broken down and rejected by the body. Most often because a defect had occurred in the fertilized egg, which would still mean that the egg would never be able to develop into a viable fetus. If you experience more repeated abortions, you can read more here: Repeated miscarriages - what do they mean and what can I do? – Gravidtid

Remember: If you are in doubt, you are always welcome in our Facebook group:(3) Er min graviditetstest eller ægløsningstest positiv? | Facebook , which only focuses on our users evaluating each other's tests and having their tests evaluated by others. We know that trying to conceive can be a private matter. Therefore, no one outside the group can see who is a member of the group 

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