All ovulation tests work pretty much the same way. Namely to measure the level of the ovulatoryhormone Lutropin (LH) in the body. The hormone rises significantly 24-36 before ovulation. There is now a chance of pregnancy if the egg meets a sperm within 24 hours after ovulation which succeeds in penetrating the egg and fertilising it. Read more about ovulation here: What is ovulation and when is the greatest chance to get pregnant? – Gravidtid

So, when theovulation test is positive, it means that the woman will ovulate within the next 24 hours. It is therefore also now and during the next 24 hours that you must have sex/be inseminated if you want to get pregnant. 

Types of ovulationtests 

At wes ell four different types of ovulation tests; Strip tests, sticks, digitalovulation tests and our fertility monitor, which are digital ovulation teststhat transfer your results via bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. The appsaves your results and can predict when you are most fertile

Strip tests

The strip test ist he cheapest type of ovulation test. The precision is as high as with the most expensive tests, but the test is produced more inexpensively without a plastic seal, which slightly increases the risk that the test will be too wet and may give an unreadable result. However, there is a line on the test which shows where the maximum amount of liquid that can be added. The urine is collected in a cup or beaker into which the test is dipped. You can also choose to urinate directly on the test. After a few minutes (get exact time indication in the test's instructions for use) there is an accurate result. However, most positive tests can already be seen after one minute. See our large selection of ovulation tests here:


The ovulation test stick is slightly more expensive than the strip because there is a protective plastic seal around the test, which helps to prevent mistakes such as too much liquid on the test. In addition, it can also be easier to read. With an ovulation test shaped like a stick, you can both collect the urine from a cup or a beaker, but you can also choose to simply urinate on the stick and read the result within a few minutes (get exact time information in the test's instructions for use). See our ovulation test stick here. (Link ovulation test stick)

Digital testing

The digital ovulation test is the most expensive ovulation test because it contains more advanced technology. With digital ovulation tests, you can either collect the urine from a cup or choose to urinate on the test. The advantage of the digital ovulation tests is that you have no doubts about the answer to the test. When the digital ovulation test has analyzed the urine, a clear result will appear on the display, and you will get a clear answer as to whether you have high fertility (the days leading up to ovulation) or whether you are ovulating and therefore maximally fertile. See our selection of digital ovulation tests here

Read more about ovulation tests here: When to test for ovulation? – Gravidtid