For various reasons, it can be nice to know if the man's sperm quality is good enough, and as a woman it can be reassuring to know how things look with the eggs and fertility in general. Fertility counseling is free in some parts of the country. In other words, a check of the fertility of the woman or the man, without having fertility problems or having received a referral from the doctor. We have made a comprehensive overview of the offers, after having been in contact with the five regions in Denmark. The offers and possibilities differ depending on where you live. Therefore, we have divided the following into regions.

Region Hovedstaden:

Here is a free offer at Rigshospitalet, which is an offer you can use without any kind of referral. However, the woman must not be over 41 years old. You can apply as a single person or as a couple, and you must not have tried to get pregnant for more than 12 months or have an already known fertility problem. Here you must go to your doctor/gynecologists', who must refer you to relevant treatment.

At Rigshospitalet's fertility assessment, you can come alone as a woman or alone as a man. Here, half an hour is set aside for consultation, and the consultation is carried out by a doctor. If you come as a couple, an hour is set aside for the consultation. By agreement with the secretary, the woman will have handed in a blood test a few days before the consultation, which measures Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH). The hormone is produced in the ovarian cysts and helps to give an overall picture of the egg reserve. For the consultation, the woman will answer questions about previous pregnancies, illnesses, venereal diseases, contraception, lifestyle, smoking and when the woman's mother went through menopause. After the interview, the woman will be offered an ultrasound scan through the vagina, where the doctor counts the number of follicles in the ovaries and looks at the uterus. Together with the blood test, it helps to give an overview of the woman's egg reserve. The scan can also show whether, for example, the woman has endometriosis, complications in the fallopian tubes or muscle knots in the uterus. After the ultrasound scan, the doctor will tell you how your fertility looks and what you can do yourself. Read more about how you can improve your fertility as a woman in the article here: What the research says women can do to increase the chance of – Pregnancy

As a single man or a man in a couple, you have received a sperm cup in the post prior to the consultation. 1-2 hours before the consultation, you must make a semen sample in the cup, which you bring to the consultation. When you arrive, you hand in the sperm sample and then the doctor will analyze it and calculate the number of sperm cells per millimeter, and look at the movement of the sperm cells. You will also have a conversation with the doctor about whether you have previously made a woman pregnant, illnesses, venereal diseases, lifestyle, smoking, weight and working environment. After talking to the doctor and analyzing the sperm sample, the doctor will give you an overall picture of your fertility during the interview and what you can do to maintain fertility or improve it (also read more about improving fertility as a man here link to article: What says the research that men can do to increase the chance of increasing – Pregnancy

The fertility assessment is open every Wednesday between 15:30 and 18:30 for singles or couples who have booked an appointment. Appointments must be made by telephone on the first Wednesday of each month between 4-6pm. The phone number is 35452949. Read more about Rigshospitalet's offer here:

Region Sjælland:

At Herlev Hospital, there is also the option of a free fertility assessment for single men, single women and couples without a prior referral. The requirements and the process are the same as at Rigshospitalet. The consultations take place on Wednesdays, but before then you must make an appointment. It is possible to book an appointment on the last Wednesday of each month between 3:30-6:00 p.m. The telephone number is +45 38 68 64 14. Read more about Herlev Hospital's offer here:

Region Midtjylland:

There has previously been free fertility counseling at Regionshospitalet Horsens. This offer no longer exists, and there is currently no possibility of free fertility counseling in Region Midtjylland.

On August 8th 2022, it was decided that free fertility counseling should be introduced at the fertility clinic at Regionshospitalet Skive and at the fertility clinic at Regionshospitalet Horsens. The offer is aimed at women aged 18-40 and men aged 18-45, and you can come as a couple or as a single person. It is a requirement that you live in Region Central Jutland and that you do not have a known fertility problem or have been trying to get pregnant for more than 1 year. It is expected that free fertility counseling will be opened at the two hospitals during 2022.

Region Nordjylland:

There are no offers for fertility counseling in Region North Jutland. This means that you have to contact your doctor and get a referral if you are worried about your fertility. There are no immediate plans for fertility counseling, the region informs us. If you want a fertility check without a doctor's referral, this is only possible at private fertility clinics, where the price is typically between DKK 1,000 and DKK 3,500.

Region Syddanmark:

There are no offers or free fertility counseling in Region Southern Denmark, the region informs us. If you want a fertility check without a doctor's referral, this is only possible at private fertility clinics, where the price is typically between DKK 1,000 - DKK 3,500

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